Cake smash!


We helped the sweetest fam celebrate their little girl’s (almost) first birthday with a cake smash session a few weeks ago! She was a bit sick but, during the session, you never would have known because she was being such a good sport and loving every second of it.


She also wasn’t so sure about the cake the whole time (fun fact: not all babies actually smash their cake willingly). Luckily we had her big sister here to help her (and us) so we could get some cute shots

We had such a fun day and we’re so thankful they asked us to photograph this special birthday. Though babies like to move around A LOT, and they don’t really care about posing instructions, I have so much photographing them. You are able to capture some really genuine emotion from them and how special to freeze these fleeting moments for their family forever?!

Cake made by: Sweet Gourmet NJ